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Addiction Recovery Center

Substance abuse and addiction can have a negative impact on in almost all aspects of an individual’s life including career, emotional well-being, home life, and relationships. Serene Meadows is here for you. Our drug rehab center at Evanston, Illinois is committed towards helping clients with various drug addictions to recover and resume their day-to-day activities. We also have drug rehab centers in other parts of the country. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Evanston, we offer an addiction treatment program that helps our clients towards a full recovery. The rehabilitation process consists of three major steps: assessment, detox, and aftercare services. In addition, our addiction recovery facility offers both outpatient and inpatient services. During assessment, our team of professionals interviews our clients in order to place them in the most appropriate treatment plans. We provide comfortable and safe environment at our addiction treatment facility in order to encourage our clients to speak honestly about their drug addiction and the accompanying mental problems.

Monitored Detox Program

We provide our clients at our drug detox clinic monitored detox in order to cleanse their bodies of the harmful substances. The professional detox program at our facility precedes all other individualized, client-centered programs. It helps clients with a variety of substance dependencies to cleanse their bodies and effectively manage the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. Our team of professionals acknowledges that detox is the most challenging step of the rehabilitation process and thus it provides each client with the necessary support and care to prevent him or her from relapsing into drug and substance use.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Both the team of professionals and the support staff at our Evanston drug rehab facility acknowledge that drug addiction is associated with various mental illnesses. As a result, the team provides our clients with integrated treatments for various co-occurring disorders. Through experience, our team has learned that some of our clients with alcohol and drug addictions are also suffering with at least one co-occurring disorder. We provide dual diagnosis clients with integrated treatment in order to protect them from homelessness, poverty, incarceration, isolation, and illness. At our addiction treatment center in Evanston, our professional team combines strategies from addiction treatment and psychiatric fields to provide our clients with the best services. These combined strategies have helped reduce the relapse rate.

Client-Centered Treatment Plan

At our addiction recovery center in Evanston, we acknowledge the fact that the needs of our clients varies from one individual to another. As such, we do offer one-fits-all services to our clients but rather unique and highly individualized services to each client depending on his or her needs. Our team of professionals is ready to listen to each client in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for his or her drug and alcohol-related problem and any other accompanying co-occurring disorder(s). This is normally done during the assessment process before the clients settle into the addiction recovery program.

Community within our Drug Rehab Facility

Addiction recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is a complex process that requires collaborative efforts from all the community members within our facility and multidisciplinary approach to the problem. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals consists of psychiatrics and various drug treatment professionals. These professionals provide our clients with diverse support and care and with evidence-based treatment programs that help them manage the withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapsing into alcohol and drug use yet again.

Safety of and Care our Facility

With a wide range of professionals and support team, we always ensure that our facility is safe for all our clients. Our services are tailored to meet each of our client’s unique needs. Specifically, we have a team of caregivers who provides support and care for the elderly clients with drug addiction problems and other co-occurring disorders. We also provide our clients with information and advice regarding health problems in order to encourage them to awards taking an active role in ensuring that they are always safe and living in a safe environment. Call Serene Meadows to get started today at our drug rehab center in Evanston, Illinois.